The Frozen food Redemption

For years, frozen food has been the image of being unhealthy, not fresh and generally bad for your health. But today, with improvements in food technology, frozen food is much better in quality these days than they were in the past. 

In fact, there now seems to be a rise in frozen diet meals in the groceries section of wholesale frozen food Singapore.  Most of these meals are low in calories and are plenty in the sources of fibre and protein and some meals are meat free, which is great for all the vegans out there. Some vegans think that it is a must to always cook their meals from scratch. But no! Nowadays there are various types of vegan frozen food around in almost every grocery store. It is great as there are many vegans in Singapore that are always looking for an easy way out to get their meals in check. Frozen food has changed the game in the food industry. You should always take a chance of the frozen food available as you will never know what you are missing. It is as tasty as normal food cooked from scratch with natural ingredients! You won’t even taste the difference when you eat them.

Examples of such meals might include Amy’s Vegetable Lasagne containing 320 calories per meal or Lean Cuisine’s Mango Chicken with coconut rice with 330 calories in its nutritional value.

Speaking of nutrition, some might say that frozen food is not as nutritious, however, because it is frozen, the opposite is true. Freezing food retains most of the nutrients. So there is a need to have a scare over frozen food, although we admit that nothing can ever beat the freshness of freshly cooked meals made from scratch, a frozen meal for your dinner or lunch would not hurt either.

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