Q: How can I apply for Recycle & Reward Honor Reward Programme?

A: You can fill up our online registration form that can be found at www.recycleandreward.my/register. Other option is to fill in the application form. You can retain the application form by calling Recycle & Reward hotline number 0142397037.

Q: Is there a membership fee?

A: Yes. The membership is free and open to anyone in Malaysia. But you need to pay RM 10 lifetime to upgrade your account to Premium account in order to get door-to-door collection services.

Q: How do I earn Honour Reward points?

A: You can obtain your reward points simply by giving us your collection of recyclable materials. You can either send to us or informing is for collection.

Q: What is the currency exchange that Recycle & Reward used?

A: RM0.10 = 1 Green Point

Q: Will the point earn expires?

A: No. your point will not expire at any time. You may redeem your points by choosing any item the catalogue or cash back.

Q: Can my Honours Reward points be converted to cash?

A: Yes. With our flexible program, you are allowed to convert your points into cash but a small amount handling fee is charged. We hope that our flexible and attractive programme will motivate even more people to join in and contribute to our programme.

Q: How can I check my points balance?

A: You can check your point balance by login at at www.recycleandreward.my/account or by contacting us at our hotline number 0142397037.
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