Why people choose Recycle & Reward program?

An interactive point-based system called Green Point which rewards people based on their recycling activities. Recycle & Reward solved your recycling problems with door-to-door collection and accepting almost all types of recyclables.

Door-to-Door Collection


To make the recycling easy, we collect recyclables in front of your doorstep. With a click away your recyclables gone without need to move around, dirtying car or finding a recycling centre nearby.

Price List

Different account type, have different price plan based on per pickup location:

Residential – MYR 50 one-off

Small offices/Restaurant – MYR 100 one-off

Building/Organization – MYR 680 per year


If you have been refer by Green Buddy. You are eligible for RM 10 discount from total price.


This service is ONLY opened to Klang Valley area at the moment.

Green Buddy


We will contribute 20% of the total Green Point collected by Green Buddy friends.

Where to start?

There are two simple steps:

  1. Start promoting recycling to your friends and family
  2. Provide them your Member ID (e.g RR12345ABC)


Each Green Ambassador will have number of referal limitation based on their account. They may upgrade or downgrade their account as they need. Table below shows the maximum capacity and subscription price:

CapacityYearly Subscription (RM)
Up to 5FREE
Up to 1010
Up to 3050

Caution: If your friends quota is full, the system will automatically reject your ID but accept the registration.


Green Buddy will have 100 people under him:

Accumulation (per month):
100 x 129.90 Green Point x 20% = 2598 Green Point

Accumulation (per year):
2598 Green Point x 12-month = 31176 Green Point

Ringgit Malaysia conversion (There are 15% conversion fee):
31176 Green Point – 15% = 26499.6 Green Point

In total you can get 2 unit of Playstation 3 in just a year!

Our statistic shows each house will generate average 129.9 Green Point per month.

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