Day: September 11, 2019


Q: How can I apply for Recycle & Reward Honor Reward Programme? A: You can fill up our online registration form that can be found at Other option is to fill in the application form. You can retain the application form by calling Recycle & Reward hotline number 0142397037. Q: Can I still register even if I don’t have…

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A Green Decision

Yesterday, we did some rather green and Eco-friendly things, no not by planting a tree yet, but by making some decisions to recycle and using Eco-friendly products. Firstly, we went to IKEA to search for Recycling bins for the home. We bought this very affordable DIMPA waste sorting bin for RM46. There are many nicer ones, but they…

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Mudah Kitar Semula di Lembah Klang?

Salam semua, seperti post saya yang terdahulu, saya telah memperkenalkan sebuah syarikat yang dapat memberikan perkhidmatan mengutip barangan kitar semula terus ke rumah anda khususnya di kawasan lembah Klang. Jadi, saya akan jelaskan kenapa ianya sangat membantu. Di bawah ini adalah Halaman akaun saya untuk Recycle&Reward. Dipaparkan jumlah barangan yang telah kita kitar semula mengikut…

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1. It is reported that Malaysia produces 94,000 tons of rubbish per day or 34,310,000 tons per year. 2. I suppose a substantial portion of this must be produced by Greater Kuala Lumpur (population of about 5.5 million). 3. Population wise Greater KL has about 20 per cent of Malaysia’s population. Therefore Greater KL’s production…

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Recycling Centers in Kuala Lumpur

While recycling is very common in Europe, it is not that popular yet in many other places in the world. It is good to recycle because it reduces waste piles and besides; things you do not like anymore could still be of value to others, right? For example, within the expat community areas there is…

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